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Spring Smile of Fortune

The end of May and the first part of June beam at us due to the conjunction of three planets such as Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the easy sign of Gemini! Jupiter blesses us, Venus adds a bit of love and Mercury promises interesting contacts, new acquaintances and travelling. The sign of Gemini generally works fine for inquisitive persons, which will be particularly obvious in May-June of 2013. Stars especially favour creative and outgoing optimists. It’s the best time for those who have been long planning to travel somewhere or to study something! In any case, the first part of summer looks more carefree than the second one. It is time to engage in your hobby or have some rest while for some of you it is the right moment to fall in love. That’s exactly why you should choose the end of May and June for vacation. On the whole soft and favorable tendencies in society gather momentum when you have the opportunity to discuss all the issues and to iron out the tense moments. You should not loosen up on May 25-27 to avoid extra expenses. It’s worth mentioning that children born in the end of May will have a similar favorable conjunction of planets, while people who celebrate their birthdays in the last decade of May will have a lucky year! laugh We can say the same thing about the middle of June – happy children, happy people smiley

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