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Autumn Eclipse 2012

The total solar eclipse will take place on November 14-15 in sign of Scorpio. It will be most significant for natives of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo born from the 7th to the 21st of November, from the 5th to the 19th of May, from the 4th to the 18th of February and from the 7th to the 21st of July, respectively. The eclipse will also affect those persons, who have a deal with corporate or the others' finances or directly with physical bodies of other people. It also influences surgeons and doctors of alternative medicine, psychologists, psychiatrists, esotery and experimental scientists, people of risky and force professions and employees of ritual services.

What to expect?

Inward rethinking, transformation, important spiritual or another (for example, financial) experience due to sudden and acute situations, inner emotions and self-cultivation. People possessing courage to overcome crisis situations or their inner problems will move to a new level. Some may reveal extraordinary abilities.

What to beware of?

Careless attitude to sex, finances, magic and of risk for nothing.

What to keep in mind

To resolve the acute situations you need to possess inner braveness and be ready to change, even overcome yourself.

You shouldn't cling to material things and money. It's better to pay attention to your inward life and to what is imperishable.

Desires and passions arousing at the period of eclipse are insidious! Later on, your wishes may change direction to the opposite.

Eclipse specifics

Psychological and sexual factors become acute. Manic and suicidal tendencies, as well as emotional disorders appear. The probability of infectious diseases, toxication and extreme situation increases. At this moment many people are especially susceptible to mental exaggerations, negative energy and information exposure, the influence of noxious magical and sectarian teachings.

Meditations, various bioenergy and psychological practices, as well as alternative medicine will be very helpful. Your inner work to overcome diverse parasitic mental sets including sex complexes or fear of death is also wholesome.

The eclipse is dangerous for its haziness of the mind with various illusions! Absent-mindedness and forgetfulness increase, difficulties in contacts and agreements occur. The probability of misunderstanding appears and you may stay along with your inner emotions. The risk of mistakes in financial matters increases due to decrease of objectivity. It's easy to suffer from swindlers, wheeler and dealer finance or just taking the decision in lack or doubtfulness of information.


The eclipse is able to bring Aries to the brink of an acute situation that Aries are strong enough to overcome. Some will have to struggle for inheritance, others should expect inward rebirth, for example after creative or love crisis. Just do not to delve deeply into mystic and religious matters that are easy to get confused in. Aries may get interested in esoteric, mastering the ability to control their own bioenergy or collective resources (business, finances).

The eclipse concerns the spheres of love-sex, children, creativeness, business and finances.


The eclipse will make Taurus natives to take decisions about partners, agreements and arrangements. It especially concerns Taurus representatives engaged in legal work, entering into a marriage or a real estate deal. It is not a good time for taking a mortgage, developing new directions in business or stock-exchange transactions.


The eclipse will influence study, work, official duties and health of Gemini. Gemini bosses may have changes in their staff (both in relations and cadres). The important perturbations within the team occur. In the limelight of others are pets. Gemini natives have to bend with the wind and work harder, therefore frictions and misunderstanding in the family may occur. Spheres of attention are health, work-team and intrigues.


The eclipse concerns children of Cancer and affects the results (especially, financial!) of creative activity, enterprise, competitions of natives of both sexes. Love, the nearest and dearest, hobby, presents and sponsorship are in the focus area. Having not received what you have earned in an honest way, you may get tempted by easy money. Just remember that sooner or later you will have to pay for everything!


The eclipse actively affects Leo's home/family or their own close-knit team/clan. Solution of these matters may be quite costly! Some natives of Leo will need money to pay for web-site, mobile app or for renting an office. Others have to fork out money for hobbies and presents.


Information, contacts, means of communications, trips, brothers and sisters (including cousins) play an important role in Virgo's life at this time. The way you present the information and persons you establish contacts with will influence on future course of events. Besides, the inaccuracy and incompleteness of data or give-away can complicate Virgo's life. Some have an information ‘failures' in relations with parents, husband or wife. Others sort out with communications facilities or with laying communications for house. Now old acquaintances may appear!


The eclipse first influences Libra's money and savings (for natives working at factories—on result of technological process). Secondarily, it influences food liking and body shape. Some should expect expenses on medical treatment (first of all, of throat, neck, or intimate parts) or for bringing body into a good shape. Others may have to pay for sexual services. Intrigues in the work-team may affect the salary—be careful!


The eclipse affects Scorpio's career, goals and personal realization. The way natives of Scorpio
show their worth and abilities they demonstrate will define the direction of their further development. The personal responsibility increases and you will have to make serious decisions yourself. Some natives of the sign will make a claim about themselves by extravagant or extreme behavior. As the eclipse directly concerns personality and aspirations of Scorpio's natives, Scorpio is forced to change outwardly and inwardly. Advice for Scorpio: do not waste money on idle pleasures and relaxation; it's very important time now!


By itself, the eclipse may pass quietly and without being noticed, but consequences will come into light much later. The conclusions Sagittarius natives make for themselves during the eclipse are very important. For some Sagittarians the eclipse will prepare the ground for spiritual or philosophic growth, others may have to leave or find themselves at a loose end or alone. The eclipse may be connected with unusual for these natives self-analysis and self-absorption. Attempts of self-determination and goals of Sagittarians encounter opposition from parents and older generation. The solution of issues with real estate slows down.


The eclipse affects the results of Capricornian plans or business projects, adding a good deal of hurry-scurry. For Capricornian-men it influences relationships with children. First of all, the eclipse is important for natives of Capricorn engaged in IT-projects and for those whose activities are connected with Internet, public events or social organizations. Making of web-sites, mobile apps and writing press releases may generate many important events in future. The advice is to consider carefully any investment projects and mortgage before signing for it.


The eclipse highlights life goals and professional realization of Aquarians. You either agree with partners (husband/wife) or bosses about the general direction of the movement, establishing joint goals and accepting achieved results as a base, or you decide what to do with all that… Anyway, you have to put the value on your partners' opinion! There is not enough money to realize new ideas now.


The eclipse affects the authority, status and standing of natives. The influence for some natives is connected with higher education and scientific degree, for others—with foreign countries and influential partners or with ideology, political or philosophic views. The advice is to delay with setting goals and serious talks with your direct bosses.

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