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Forecast 2016 – Year of the Fire Monkey

Forecast 2016 – Year of the Fire Monkey

Key words – overcoming, crisis, alarm

The year 2016 will continue to agitate society and keep it in a state of tension, the problems of the end of 2015 will remain pressing, and the need to rein in the situation will require flexible but decisive action. Many people will be alarmed by concerns over safety and finances.

The economic crisis, caused by the necessity for reforming the global financial system, draws ever closer, and accordingly 2016 may be a watershed year for the dollar. There is a possibility of a rise in the cost of goods and food, as well as inflation.

The trend of 2016 is towards separation, fragmentation, and suspicion. There is a high probability of conflicts and provocations on borders and in coastal areas, incidents involving sea- and ocean-going vessels and aerial transport, while the threat of terrorism remains very real. All of this is capable of complicating travel plans and restricting freedom of movement.

The main arenas of this activity will be European Russia, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, the Middle East (particularly the Mediterranean coast, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq), East Africa, eastern China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, North and South Korea, western Japan and Australia, as well as New Zealand and Argentina.

The year will be filled with a powerful sexual energy that may lead to intemperance and violence. The temptation to give into fears, insults, the desire for revenge and obsessions will grow. The year 2016 is unpredictable and "rich" in natural disasters, accidents, and epidemics.

Military and power structures will be on the rise, with automation in weaponry reaching a new level – we will see the active introduction of military robots and various remotely operated devices. Innovators, inventors, engineers and developers of new gadgets will have good chances to excel. Society already stands on the threshold of a new technological order, and the adoption of new technologies will be capable of expanding the frontiers of our potential.

Positive trends will appear only towards the end of 2016. Society will finally be able to coordinate its efforts in searching for a solution to common problems. The tone will be set by political leaders who are able to find new support, maintain a sense of balance and resist the chaos.

Advice for the year

Adapt to the changing conditions while remaining optimistic and helping others.

Events of the year

In January and February, peaking on January 20-24 and at the beginning of February, it is likely that we will see bursts of violence, protests and a struggle for justice, in which each sees themselves in the right. Agreements can be suddenly and completely broken by one party, and it will be hard to reach agreement. It becomes apparent that firm, clearly thought-out political decisions need to be taken through international organisations, and a methodical, active struggle to realise these decisions unfolds. There is an increasing threat of terrorist acts, explosions and extreme situations. The high probability of transport-related accidents makes these months risky for travel, especially with children.

Long-simmering problems in relationships with your partner are likely to spill over into scandals, conflicts and intemperance and the demonstration of feelings, which can occur unexpectedly like an avalanche and be solved only though crisis.

March will see a redivision of spheres of influence, the powerful will enforce their will, and successful military operations will take place. The underlying structures of the global economy, which are in a difficult situation following the events of the preceding years, will receive support.

The eclipse of March 9 will serve as the trigger for social and financial crisis. Job cuts and reductions to budget financing are likely, as well as difficulties in resolving religious and ethnic issues. Unpopular laws and necessary measures will spark unrest and strikes. Attempts to resolve the situation will be in vain, and a second, more powerful and destructive wave will arrive in May, with its peak at the end of the month. From May 7 to 27 a growth in social tension will lead to extraordinary occurrences – disasters or natural cataclysms.

From late May onwards society will see an escalation of phobias and maniacal tendencies, and there will be an increase in sexual preoccupation. During the summer and autumn, especially from September 7 to 15, sex, death and finances will be grounds for manipulation; sexual and financial scandals involving public figures are possible. We will see a growing unhealthy striving for risk, which may even go as far as a desire to commit suicide, and the martyr complex will be played out (this is strongest from October 30 to November 7). Scorpios are the most susceptible to illusions and seductions – and much depends on how able they are to take charge of the situation and their own feelings.

A tense combination that takes place in late 2015 will continue to play out in 2016, peaking from May 29 to June 6, in mid-June and from August 20 to September 20, peaking on August 22-26, September 1-2 and September 6-14. During the summer the global clash of interests will escalate into a tense and drawn-out confrontation that will last until October 2016. A final ideological schism will occur. A strengthening of radical views, interethnic and religious conflicts will agitate society, and extinguishing these tensions will appear possible only through the use of force. The economic crisis will deepen – the ineffectiveness of a series of political and economic unions will become clear, and some of them may cease to exist completely. The eclipse of September 1 will express itself in alarming and unpleasant events, so close to September 1 you are recommended to avoid mass activities and festivals, and it is better to give school a miss.

In October society is faced with a difficult choice – the unforgiving result of the events of the past few years. From October 3 to 29 there is an increased probability of accidents and natural disasters, and you can expect the sudden arrival of a second wave of problems that had seemed partly resolved. November will aggravate fears and the desire for revenge, with the first half of the month seeing rising tension, which is capable of escalating into violence and armed confrontations in the second half of the month and the beginning of December.

During the autumn economic problems will undermine the power and reputations of a number of large financial institutes, marking the steady weakening of their influence and ultimate decline, which will be fraught with high-profile collapses, court cases, bankruptcies, and even military conflicts.

The second half of December will see a strengthening of rebellious and revolutionary spirit, which will lead to attempts at regime change and the ousting of leaders – but the chaos and radical mood can be restrained by the adoption of balanced decisions and laws. Progressive political alliances will be formed, headed by leaders advocating the principles of justice and order.

The end of the year instills optimism and hope for the future, and the situation will be brought partly under control. A fragile balance is found, as are new conditions for collaboration – this can unite a common problem or even calamity, the consequences of which require working together in order to solve.

In 2016 society will be faced with first one problem, then another, and for many this will be a landmark year or a turning point.

Zodiac signs


Aries will become a generator of unexpected surprises for others, but when they calm down for a while, they themselves will be overtaken by changes and surprises.


Compared to others, Taureans live peacefully and well, but may cause the jealousy and envy of those around them. Best to behave modestly!


Gemini overcome difficulties and don't forget to help those around them with advice at the very least. At the end of the year fortune will smile on them!


Cancer run into problems and unforeseen circumstances, but there are chances to skilfully avoid these and remain in the clear.


Aquarians and Leos are more fortunate than others and live their own destiny, which is very gracious and will enable them to bypass the year's principal upheavals.


This is a mixed and checkered year for Virgos, who make a play for everything at once, a risky move that may cause them suffering. However, their chances of success are great, and much will be determined in the first half of the year.


Libra will feel confident in autumn 2016, which will bring them success, but the beginning and end of the year have unexpected changes and pivotal moments in store.


The uncertainty of their position causes Scorpios suffering and torment. If they are able to keep their composure and not surrender to temptations, then they can turn the situation to their advantage.


Restrictions and problems may lead Sagittarians to voluntary austerity and spiritual growth, and encourage them to search for new paths.


Capricorn will find themselves where they need to be and are capable of achieving much, but at the beginning and the end of the year they will need to swim against the current.


Aquarians and Leos are more fortunate than others and live their own destiny, which is very gracious and will enable them to bypass the year's principal upheavals.


The year 2016 will help Pisces to shed their illusions; they will need to be more focused and keep an eye on their finances, while their intuition will allow them to sense approaching trouble early on.

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