Forecast 2017 – High Voltage Rooster

Forecast 2017 – High Voltage Rooster

The Rooster, represented by the elements of Fire and Metal, is combative, high-voltage and electrified. For this reason 2017 will be a transformative and transitional year, laying a cornerstone, a ‘seed' that will germinate and grow from 2018 until the end of 2020. It all begins in mid-December 2016, peaking at New Year, and will move into an active phase from February 15 to March 10, when thunder will start to roll – the days from February 25 to March 4 will be more extreme and unpredictable. This period is capable of undermining the authority of those in power, the position of important figures and respect for the law. The social and political transformations that are taking place will leave their trace, like a crack left by a lightning strike in the ground: social reforms, exits from various leagues, unions and alliances, and the unexpected rupture of agreements and legal cases. The resignations and deaths of prominent figures are likely as a result of an extraordinary concurrence of circumstances or absurd coincidences. An elemental burst of masculine energy will provoke strikes, demonstrations, and an increase in terrorism, while simultaneously stimulating pioneers and travellers who are prepared for risk and extremes. Technogenic accidents and natural disasters may cause chaos and social unrest. In 2017 danger is created by fire, explosions, electricity, drought, heights, and strong winds. The threat of earthquakes, avalanches, and eruptions remains.

The wind of change is decisively blowing the doors open, and many people will surprise themselves by deciding to set out in search of a better life or begin to actively research new fields for themselves, simply because their old way of life is beginning to come to an end. The last peal of thunder will ring out from September 22 to October 4. The social role in which you view yourself, or your usual social group, may change, so it's important to be ready for unexpected developments and not get caught up on a feeling of personal importance – act in accordance with the requirements of the times.

From March 20 to April 10 and from July 25 to August 13, peaking around March 29-April 1 and August 3-5, there will be attempts to apply force in conflict zones and establish lawful authority through dictatorship and coercion. In some countries there will be a violent "consolidation" of assets and a change towards increasingly tight military or state control. Liberal business will come under pressure and fall into criminal practices, while at the same time radical organisations will see an increase in sponsorship. Military conflicts and confrontations and terrorist attacks are possible. Although from May onwards the mad dynamic of spring will tail off, nonetheless the first half of summer will see some critical situations. Foresight, the ability to avoid danger and keep your head down will help to save your personal standing and reputation.

A powerful pressure will develop in parallel to a system of control and ideological influence on people throughout the summer, reaching a peak in August-September 2017, though they will merge into a single whole only later, in 2018. Active propaganda, the appearance of a national idea and the development of a strategic programme for its fulfilment will lay out the course for the next several years – here both ambitions and competitive spirit will appear, along with the necessity to sacrifice personal interests in favour of the common good, though the initial promise is hardly inspired by lofty ideals! Refugees from blighted regions will appear to many as advancing storm clouds, and attempts to construct a defensive lightning rod will only boost nationalistic views and disunity. Society will find its scapegoats! Impartiality in evaluations and judgements will help you to understand in time whether you should follow a group with an unhealthy team spirit and attitude.

October sets the stage, but November will give a chance for successful reforms and changes for the better. The second half of the autumn will bring just retribution to some and deserved reward to others in the form of material and spiritual gifts. It is full of life-giving fire, stimulating creativity and business, especially in the period from November 25 to December 11. A dizzying take-off awaits those who find their ‘stream', their electric current! You can expect the appearance of those with a strong spirit as well as just leaders and spiritual teachers bearing the rational seeds of a bright ideology. In some places these will be buried too deep and forgotten in successive years, but elsewhere they will release beneficial shoots. Don't say no to experience, even unusual experience – it can make you richer and happier!

In personal relationships there will be many new acquaintances and meetings at the beginning of the year: some will grow into something more solid by the autumn, while others will unexpectedly fall away (the most critical month is April, while July 20-24 and October 6-13 are difficult days); though on the personal front it will alternate between thick and thin. There is a chance of meeting a kindred spirit, a like-minded person, and making your dreams a reality. It's important that any relationship will undergo changes: established couples will see each other in a new social role or together in a new place, while great changes in the future await a new union forged in 2017.

This is a year of transformation and transition, since it is now that you're mapping out the path which you'll use to move forward. The years 2018-2020 suggest consolidation and concentration on your goals, and you will consistently work on what to choose for yourself in 2017 – the most important thing to remember is that the end does not justify all means! Whether this results in stagnation or concrete results depends on how capable you are of accepting changes, new rules of the game, and how prepared you are to change yourself in 2017. No matter what kind of lightning is flashing around you, it is important to remember that in its highest incarnation the Rooster transforms into the Scarlet Phoenix and becomes even more beautiful!

Bird Market – Zodiac Sign Ranking


1st place – Scorpio. Devote the beginning of the year entirely to those close to you and your favourite pursuits. Thunder may roll behind your back, and if you're lucky – far off. The key question is how to earn more money and save what you have until autumn. In autumn things will go much better for you!

2nd place – Aquarius. A change of acquaintances and habitual social circle will be to the liking of Aquarians, for whom happiness is waiting abroad, in teaching or in study. The main thing is to feel like you're capable of anything! In the autumn success in your career will materialise, and you will achieve some goals, but it is not a good idea to let friends and acquaintances in on your plans.

3rd place – Taurus. Intrigues and unexpected developments are likely at work, but everything will improve. You should not resort to using the services of magicians and healers or taking out credit. In the autumn, however, you will have a real lucky break with partners and social contacts, and somebody will come into an inheritance!

4th place – Leo. For Leos the main changes will take place in their social environments and with those close to them, while the unexpected surprises will happen while travelling. You may meet somebody out of the blue! Take care of your heart, and don't give it away before October. Happiness in your personal and family life will warm you late in the autumn.


5th place – Cancer. For Cancerians, their own ‘corner' and family will be a support, even if it comes to resolving questions with property or if some family upheavals take place. Colleagues, doctors and pets will cause you problems. In the chill of autumn love and inspiration will suddenly come to you, or you will set out to find them on a trip.

6th place – Pisces. In order not to feel financially vulnerable, Pisceans will have to work intensely, in the year of the Rooster it is easy to overestimate your powers in credit and obligations. The second half of autumn will deliver you chances for advancement, education or travel – take your lucky ticket!

7th place – Capricorn. Unforeseen events linked with the home, the family, property, and the accompanying expenses will knock Capricorns' planning off course. The biggest danger is debts and hidden enemies. In the second half of autumn you will carry out plans, find like-minded people and feel more confident for the next few years.

8th place – Virgo. Unforeseen events or carelessly taken credit are capable of rocking your financial stability. Family members and valuable property are likely to cause you stress. At the beginning of the year a new passion or even marriage await you, and at the end of the year things will finally work out with a move, renovations, property or a car!

Phoenixes (out-of-competition exhibition of fairytale birds)

Aries – Chief Phoenix. Aries will find that changes and discoveries about themselves and their social environment await in 2017, the main thing is to be clean before the law. Where education, foreign affairs and travel are concerned, things may not quite work out as you would like. In autumn, however, the Aries-Phoenix has every chance of coming into an inheritance, success in business and spiritual rebirth.

Libra – Phoenix Encircled. Libras will run into attempts to undermine their personal authority, the unexpected walkouts of partners and complications in legal issues. Contacts and communication will not come easy for the always courteous Libras, even with relatives and acquaintances. Late in the autumn an increase in your financial welfare and advantageous acquisitions await you!

Gemini – Phoenix of Love. In romantic relationships and legal issues Geminis will find that everything is confused and complicated, and attraction is capable of putting a marriage under threat. For unattached Geminis, changes in love will generally turn out for the better, but for the rest it's better to sublimate yourself in creativity or children. In the autumn, after all that they have lived through, Geminis will decide to become careerists and will achieve success at work – there happiness unexpectedly lies in wait!

Sagittarius – Phoenix of Self-Knowledge. Unexpected twists are destined for Sagittarians in love and joint ventures with friends, which may end up hanging from a thread more than once! There are many plans, but Sagittarians will find it difficult to forge a path forwards, since they are restricted by circumstances and harbor doubts in their own abilities. In order to feel more confident, fall back on what that you already know how to do well and the advice of experienced people! At the end of the year, seclusion, wild nature or spiritual practices will have a favourable effect, however fortune awaits you far from home! Property or a car may become a source of unofficial income.


The United States will continue to question its choice all the way up to March 2017, but on the whole will embark on a favourable new path of economic growth and will conclude lucrative partnership deals. The second half of the year, especially autumn 2017, is loaded with conflicts, the risk of which will rise in September and December 2017-January 2018, when a tense economic, financial or even military confrontation with external forces is likely, as well as the use of force or an emergency inside the country.

For China 2017 will be far from simple, but, after dealing with its problems, it will gain in power. From 2018-2020 China will strengthen its position and will start to play an even more important role in the global arena.

The main battle for Russia will be on an economic front. The situation will be complicated throughout the whole of 2017 and, especially in the autumn, reserves risk becoming exhausted, and then the quality of life for the majority of the population will worsen. This includes food, healthcare and even private property. From late 2017 onwards and in 2018 the level of trust in the authorities will fall.

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