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Forecast for 2013

Year of the Snake 2013

The middle of January is suitable for long-term financial investments and for working towards achieving your goals. In the last ten days of January, society wakes from its slumber and begins to breathe more freely. This is a time for men of spirit or ideas and their endeavours, plans for the improvement of society, information and Internet projects. By the end of January, society is already interpreting information in a different way. Interesting publications, scientific articles and gadgets come out. Now is a good time to study something new, to master new computer or language skills. The beginning of February is a time of mysticism, spirituality and religion, but religious extremism is also possible.

The last ten days of February are full of unreliable and confusing information, intrigues, mysteries and deceptions–this is a time when you can easily be misunderstood. The end of February is not favourable for financial investments. Infectious diseases may spread fast due to a lack of proper prophylaxis. Up until March 20, it is difficult both to be understood by society and to convey your ideas. It is also difficult to successfully develop your entrepreneurial activity, especially from scratch.

The end of March and the beginning of April is a time of activity and combat, when the role of personality is strengthened. You have to push forward your personal initiatives and to actively defend your positions, and this will be welcomed by society. This is a time when clashes between individuals and authorities, as well as ordinary conflicts, are likely to occur as a result of your desire to speak your mind and to act without thinking. At the beginning of April, acting in a manner which is improper from a spiritual point of view will not be welcomed.

The total solar eclipse on May 10 will first and foremost affect Taureans born close to this date and Scorpios. It will influence financial matters, personal savings, property and material welfare in general, as well as the production sphere, material bases and technological processes. It may also affect their food preferences and body figure.

The end of May and the beginning of June are perfect for socialising, trips and travel, learning languages, computer courses, negotiations, new acquaintances, and for displaying curiosity and interest. Now is a very favourable time for disseminating information. It is also a good period for writers and creative individuals. Having secured the right connections and contacts, you will be able make successful use of them in your business activity. You can expect creative inspiration and curious news. The first days of June are suitable for presentations of entertaining books, films, art exhibitions and interesting creative projects in general.

The most interesting things will begin in summer, which promises to be ‘hot'! The atmosphere will have already been heating up since May, and tensions grow (here and there revolutionary sentiments may arise, and perhaps conflicts and accidents), and in July the situation gains momentum and may blow up, a powerful current carrying everyone together yet individually. To where? You should think about this beforehand, as by the middle and end of July you will have neither the time nor the opportunity to figure this out.

It is a time for enthralling changes, the promotion of major projects, revolutions, military takeovers, powerful social and religious movements, for the consolidation and restoration of territorial or national unity, and nationalistic surges, which will take exaggerated and perverted forms. At worst, what occurs during this period may lead to encroachment by one country upon the sovereignty of others, attempts on the lives of national leaders, the defilement of healthy national ideas and traditions in the name of noble motives (in particular, an ideological struggle may serve to mask a struggle for natural resources, including oil; and the defence of somebody's rights may in fact represent the undermining of a traditional way of life). The culmination of events such as the escalation of conflicts (including violence), fires and the ignition of fuel, and also natural disasters (for example, earthquakes, tsunami and floods) will come in the second half of July – and especially at the end of July and in the first days of August. Although even ideas which are initially favourable and healthy may now be perverted, such distortion will not hinder their progress.

Somebody may advance on a powerful but not entirely becoming wave, or act as a leader who is not entirely noble (from a spiritual point of view). Use the first half of July for the promotion of major projects, but don't forget that the momentum of the aforementioned trends may carry you far from your intended channel. So you should consider and establish your principles of development beforehand and stay true to them. A strong boost awaits electronic and digital devices (particularly, in terms of visual effects, virtual reality, games), the film and photo industry, navigation systems, shipbuilding and esoterica (these processes start in May and reach their first peak in June). Expect the presentations and releases of new 'miracle' gadgets, glitzy premieres, concerts, fascinating travels and tours.

Now is the time when states' secret machinations and projects with global significance intertwine and begin to ripen. It is a time for serious movements on the stock markets, well-planned major financial speculations and behind-the-scenes political games at the highest level. Some will make a fortune investing their money successfully in natural resources, fuel, oil, the chemical industry, electronics, insurance, the stock market, the movie industry and so on. In general, this is the time for solid investments, especially in the spheres mentioned above. Projects launched now may turn into a big business with a high yield if you 'jump into the stream' in the middle of July.

The second half of July and the first half of August may witness ‘loud' proclamations by countries in the form of increases in and displays of military force, including nuclear arms. There is also a possibility of military coups and armed conflicts, an increase in terrorism, explosions, accidents and natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. For business, the second part of July is linked with struggle and major confrontations. The first half of August is a more difficult period for business, involving dangerous pressures or unfair competition. On the whole, the things happening in August and September are the repercussions of July's events: society and politics are still strained, and local conflicts may break out. On August 20, a change of power and leaders may occur, while the end of August and in September may see revolutionary actions and mutinies against those in power, as well as accidents caused by human carelessness. At the end of August the financial sector is in danger perhaps because of a financial shortfall, miscalculation or the machinations of others. You should avoid making long-term investments at this time.

From the middle of October to November 20, particularly at the beginning of November, extremism and radical tendencies like ‘all or nothing' may manifest themselves. The eclipse of November 3 may serve as a trigger to various extreme and unforeseen events, but it may also give you essential life experience and strengthen your will, if you show yourself worthy in passing these 'tests'. The eclipse will have a significant influence on people born in the last days of October and the first days of November.

By the middle of November ‘the weather will clear up' and from November 11 onwards you will be able to take advantage of positive influences in your affairs. Only the last third of the month is deceptive in financial terms. Be careful! Some benevolent intentions and trends which appear to be positive may turn out to be only hypocrisy.

The end of November and early December see a re-occurrence of the tendency to profane good traditions, or, on the contrary, towards nationalism and conservatism crossing acceptable boundaries. Leaders who practise such principles will come to the forefront. What happens now is the ongoing development of the events which started in July.

From December 7 to 17, rough patches will be partially smoothed over. A review of social values and even of some legal provisions is possible. Perhaps because society is learning the lessons of previous experience? In the interests of stability, those who did not withstand the ordeals may be ‘sacrificed'. In any case, people will have to sacrifice something for the sake of stability. High-profile judicial processes are not excluded. However, those who hold out and genuinely merit support will receive worthy and solid backing, even if they have to relinquish something – while others will have the ground cut from beneath their feet. This time is a test of strength for Scorpios born from the November 10 to 12.

The tail end of 2013 appears to be quite tense and stressful. It would be better to prepare for the holidays in advance and spend them – especially the first days of the New Year – peacefully at home. The slightest thing could spark a conflict now! You should not play around with fireworks – the fewer the better.


Summer may carry you away, but you may have tremendous luck – the most important thing is to get into the right stream!

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