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How To Celebrate Western and Chinese New Year 2013

Water Snake 2013

The year of the Snake begins on February 10, 2013 by the Chinese calendar and will last till January 30, 2014. The Snake comes into possession at 2:20am EST (7:20 GMT) and this year will be really great!

According to Feng Shui there are ‘10 stems' that correspond to five elements of Yin and to five elements of Yan (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) and ‘12 Branches' that symbolize the twelve animals of the Chinese horoscope. Therefore each year is represented by two elements that come out in ‘Celestial stem' and in ‘Earthly Branch'. The ‘Celestial stem' is represented by Water Element, the ‘Earthly Branch' – by Fire Element.

In such combination of Fire and Water you can easily find the contradiction that will bring in passion and dynamic action into this year. It makes the Water boiling and ‘rousing' because the Water and the Fire are inherently the opposite Elements! Fire is hot and Water is cold, Fire is summer and Water is winter. The year of the Snake will be more changeable and turbulent compared to the previous year of 2012 which had the Element of Earth in the ‘Earthly Branch'. But Yin nature of the Water slightly smoothes over the potential conflict of the year, giving us an opportunity to enjoy not only pacifying but also fruitful influence! According to Western Astrology the Water extinguishes Fire and the Fire evaporates Water. According to Feng Shui the Water destroys the Fire. In 2013 we will clearly see that the opposites meet, and they will meet, or rather, will collide exactly this year and the peak of events will be in summer.

Since the ‘Celestial steam' is represented by Water, the primary element of the upcoming year is the Water, so the year of 2013 is the year of the Water Snake. The color of water is blue or black (the color of deep water); the season is winter, the direction is north, the taste is salty, the note is la (A).

The year of blue (or black) Snake possess the strong and powerful stream, therefore if you swim with the current you will experience positive changes and unprecedented growth! However, be careful, because pitfalls and whirlpools may be in the stream and pay attention to the hidden and sometimes mystic signs! The streams also can be changeable and underwater, so underground intrigues and behind-the-scenes games may take place in 2013. You should trust your intuition!

The most vulnerable place in a house/home in the year of the Snake is the center of a house or a flat. The presence of the Metal Element and accordingly metal things will provide the support for the Water. The easiest but effective way is to hang Wind Chimes. Any presence of the Fire Element (in the form of fireplace or Christmas Welcome Lights) can make the water stormy! The right activation of the north or the south and the northeast (either precisely to the northeast, or slightly more to the north, but not to the east!) sectors by Feng Shui will bring luck in your home. You can energize those directions with natural fir twigs. The most effective method is to place the Christmas Tree in the north or south sector of your flat (as accurately in north or south as possible!) and to ornate it in concordance with the nature of the Elements. You should use the colors and forms of the Water and a bit of white and silver color in balls, ‘rain' and icicles in the north, as well as you should use the colors and forms of the Fire, candles and garlands in the South.

Let your Christmas Tree be real and let the decorations for it be all tones of water (from blue to black). Decorate the Tree with balls, wavy things, curved icicles and sprinkle it with a decorative ‘rain'. You should use blue and black range of colours in your clothes, plain fabric and tinsel and natural south seas pearls in jewels. The favorable situation right before the New Year, on December 31, allows you to pick up/choose an imposing dress and make an impression. You may hang an action figure or a figurine of a snake on the Christmas Tree, as well as put a symbol of snake on the foreground: on the festive table or in the living room.

You should not fuss and argue with anyone close to December 31. The snake appreciates wisdom, understanding, the ability to smooth over conflicts and to adapt using your intellect properly. Such qualities come in handy in 2013. Try to devote time to staying in private and to consider your plans for the 2013 attentively!

It is good to celebrate the New Year in the bosom of your family and in the company of smart and talented persons.

Actually the year of the Snake will start on February 10, 2013 in the moment of the first new Moon in the sign of Aquarius, more properly at 2:20am EST (7:20 GMT). You should definitely repeat the New Year's Eve in the night (or early morning) of February 10t and to fulfill the recommendations mentioned above. Maybe without common fuss of New Year's Eve it will go better and more properly! The special advice is to devote time for thorough thoughts concerning your wishes and plans for 2013!

Thank the year of the Dragon for the good it has given to you and enter the year of the Snake with calm heart and smart ideas!

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