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Love Forecast 2015

Stargazer Ram 2015 – Tune Up Your Year!

Stargazer Ram 2015 – Interactive Forecast

Stargazer Ram 2015 – Interactive Forecast

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To customize the forecast for yourself install the Stargazer Ram 2015 for iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android that is based on the methods of traditional Astrology and enables you to be aware of the main events of the year. You just put the date of your birth and the forecast adapts to you personally, telling you about love, sex and finances, as well as political and economic situation. Version for Windows Phone will be available very soon! To be aware of the updates follow ArtUrania on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn!


The year 2015 will bestow vivid romances, memorable encounters and passionate sex, and will give some a truly precious gift – Mr. or Mrs. Right. Feelings will deepen, attachments will become more stable; there will be none of the crazy fits of passion of the previous year, but the seeds of love that fall on fertile soil will sprout. This year will gift you an unforgettable holiday together with the person you love most, seaside romances and even reasonable chances at rekindling former relationships; settled couples will unite their enthusiasm with common purpose, as well as the interests of their children. Those who sublimate their energy and creativity will also not regret it – the results may be outstanding! The year 2015 provides a multitude of opportunities, and it is important not to do something foolish, otherwise you will lose your way and your partner will turn into a stubborn ram, unwilling to forgive you. Spring, summer and the beginning of autumn are favourable for love, and it is likely that only the end of July and the beginning of August will bring difficulties. Autumn will be problematic and confusing, and it all begins with the eclipse at the end of September.

In January and February, with peaks on January 18-22, February 1-3 and 9-13, an unhealthy atmosphere will reign in love – a strong sensitivity creates confusion in your love life. Feelings and dreams are capable of carrying you far – however, a lack of prudence, like a failure to protect yourself, is dangerous! Love intrigues and secret contacts will flourish, though lovers may get found out through small details, a denunciation or surveillance. Those who are too timid to declare their love will dream and suffer in secret. Pisces will muddy the waters, but may suspect Virgos of infidelity and unfaithfulness, or may deceive them.

The end of February and the first half of March will be full of spring perkiness, bringing new acquaintances and changes in love, and somebody will be completely unexpectedly overcome by love at first sight. March is fiery and passionate, especially the first half of the month, and many men and women will behave like March cats. In the second half of March, Taureans will be especially attractive, and female Taureans will be able to eclipse male reason in the period around the eclipse of March 20! In late March and early April loose or casual love affairs are fraught with unpleasant consequences for Virgos and Gemini, and to a lesser degree for Pisces and Sagittarians.

The middle of April intensifies the sexuality of Taureans and Scorpios, and women will enjoy heightened interest, while men will be especially good as lovers. At the same time, the middle of April creates obstacles and difficulties in love. The second half of April is frivolous; there will be many new acquaintances, flirting, and dates. Around April 23-24, Gemini, Libras, Aquarians, Leos and Aries are especially sexually attractive – they are in the mood for having a good time and going out on dates. Gemini want sex more than usual and are not disposed to maintain their fidelity. The end of May, particularly the period from the 21st to the 26th, will bring a hitch and all kinds of surprises in relationships – but if trivial arguments, the failure of plans and the postponement of dates are discouraging, then a one-night stand may rouse Cancerians and Capricorns.

The burst of sexual activity can be expected around June 7-13, when the rush of arousal will be experienced by Gemini, though in the middle of June the behaviour of many is close to manically concerned! Virgos, Sagittarians and Pisces may become the subjects of sexual harassment or scandals. Some will find themselves in doubtful situations or facing a choice – to cheat or not to cheat. Here it is better to act in accordance with your spiritual principles; a sober reckoning in the spirit of "nobody will find out" is capable of rendering all the years or months of past fidelity in vain. At the same time, Leos, Aries and Libras may find that they can enjoy everything – and get away with it too.

The brightest and most promising time for love is the second half of June and the beginning of July, which raises the temperature of love to the maximum – even cold hearts will be all aglow! Those most favoured by fortune are Leos and Sagittarians; changes and new acquaintances await Aries, Gemini and Libras. To spur success, go away travelling or take up a new hobby! Now is a favourable time for marriage, especially June 20, June 25, June 30, July 3 after 13:00 (in the afternoon), and July 10. It is also a time for giving birth to children and a fertile period for creative activities. Even those who are left on the sidelines will follow the passions of celebrities or the romantic intrigues of their friends with interest. The middle of July and particularly the end of July and the beginning of August promise tests of feelings, obstacles and difficulties in love. In the middle of August former partners or even great loves from the past may announce themselves on your threshold. And returning from holiday, you will discover with surprised that somebody has been missing you or that your summer romance is continuing. In September you will still have time to relax – and fall in love! Leos and Aquarians can expect positive changes in their private lives, new interests, turbulent feelings and confessions of love.

The lunar eclipse of September 28 may have an influence on marriages and relationships, forcing people to take unpremeditated or hurried decisions close to the eclipse, in the worst case concerning separation or divorce; partners, especially if they are Aries or Libras, may not behave appropriately. There is an increased probability of deception, infidelity, and getting involved with amoral types who are already married. This is not the time either to get divorced or to get married. In general, the period from August 25 to mid-December is not suitable for weddings.

The second half of October and the beginning of November bestows a real, earthly love free of pretensions and illusion, in which partners move in together and begin to cohabitate, resolving household issues, while love itself moves to the work desk! This a time for active flirting at the workplace, for office, business and hospital romances – with teachers, colleagues, instructors, coaches and doctors. Sexual energy is particularly strong around October 19-26, which may lead to unexpected sex with a colleague or harassment at work. The chances are that anybody who persistently finds fault with you and floods you with urgent jobs also wants sex! November 3 is a day when things can go fabulously well in love and sex, whereas on November 8-9, on the contrary, your feelings will undergo a test of strength.

In October and early November the most active lovers are Virgos, who will be so overheated by passion that some may even lose their head. Those who devote themselves entirely to study, work or business can achieve staggering results! Such a working – and at the same time non-working – environment has the capacity to damage marital relations, provoking marital infidelities in those couples in which partners are susceptible to temptation. Beginning from October 9, and lasting until the end of 2015, many will actively take up the search for sex and a partner, seducing everyone they meet along the way – neither men nor women are inclined to be shy! Men, having got what they want, will quickly lose interest and continue their search. In the middle of November the temptation to break one's marital fidelity intensifies, and this especially concerns Libras and Aries. At this time women are extraordinarily enticing, but are perceived by men as being too salacious or readily available, while men will attract dishonorable or selfish partners. The time from November 8 to the beginning of December may cause altercations between lovers and temptations on the side for married couples. Now it is hard to find a faithful partner – potential lovers turn out to be married instead. You're better off exercising your passion in bed with your regular partner. At the end of November and in early December, Libras and Aries are capable of either attracting others, or turning into sexual ‘maniacs' themselves!

The sexual atmosphere of December makes feelings difficult and a little tortuous. During the first days of December and between the 21st and the 23rd it is easy to fall victim to passions or seductions. In December the attractiveness of Scorpios and Taureans will become more pronounced. Interesting meetings and useful new acquaintances are likely on the eve of Christmas and the New Year. Scorpios and Virgos will be especially lucky!

Stargazer Ram 2015 for iPhone/iPad/iPod at App Store
Stargazer Ram 2015 for Android at Google Play
Soon! Stargazer Ram 2015 at Windows Phone Store
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