The Scariest Forecast For The Year 2015

Stargazer Ram 2015 – Interactive Forecast

Stargazer Ram 2015 – Interactive Forecast

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The General and Love forecasts can be customized for you personally in the same way as this funny forecast! Just install the Stargazer Ram 2015 for iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android that is based on the methods of traditional Astrology and enables you to be aware of the main events of the year. You just put the date of your birth and the forecast adapts to you personally, telling you about love, sex and finances, as well as political and economic situation. Version for Windows Phone will be available very soon! To be aware of the updates follow ArtUrania on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn!


Everybody is affectionately anticipating the year 2015 as a sweet, fluffy sheep. Yet this sheep may turn out to be not so sweet, or not even a sheep, but a stubborn ram – or even worse, an unscrupulous goat! There will be none of the madness of 2014; there will be anxiety and abstraction. For this reason it is important to put together a plan for 2015 right now, otherwise you will be overcome with doubts and decide not to write any plans at all.

The first half of the year is nothing to worry about and is full of promise, but the second half will be genuinely frightening! Though having said that, we can expect two joyful peaks in 2015, and furthermore, we can be glad that the most important of the two is in summer, in June.

There is also the planet of Saturn, playing the role of the ‘fateful weapon’, which will force you to reflect on life if you see no meaning in it or simply lead a shallow and carefree life. Now, in 2015, it will first punish November Sagittarians, before remembering that it has forgotten to dish out the rest to Scorpios born in the second part of November, and returning to them in order to ruin summer and the beginning of autumn. All that can be done is to wish both of them steadfastness and courage, like Spartans.

The first half of 2015 will arouse spymania and obsessive fears over health, so everyone will be going to work either with a dictaphone or with gadgets that measure their biorhythms, blood pressure or mood, while in their spare time they will be running from doctor to doctor and poisoning themselves with the tablets they get on prescription. At work it will seem as if people are eavesdropping and spying on each other everywhere, and these fears are not groundless – they’re probably putting up cameras all over the place! During autumn your head will be aching from having to constantly work out relationships and legal issues, so it’s better to buy devices for measuring blood pressure in the first half of the year, otherwise they may all just sell out!

The most dysfunctional in the first half of the year, all the way into autumn 2015, will be Virgos, and in autumn, Libras born from the end of September to the beginning of October. The only thing to be done is to wish you courage if there are Libras around: they will ruin both your nerves and theirs! Avoid having anything to do with Libras, especially in October 2015, especially during the time of the eclipse of September 28 and especially if you are Aries, a Cancerian or a Capricorn. Compared to Libras, Virgos look much more harmless; they will merely complain, criticise others, examine themselves for illnesses and convalesce.

In January, treacherous epidemics or excessive feasting will oblige people to fork out on medication for either the flu or the stomach. The best option of all is not to go anywhere, but sit at home with a bottle of wine. All the money will have already been spent on festive presents or a holiday, so it will be necessary to borrow money or take out credit – doing this in January or the beginning of February is especially dangerous and is not recommended at all! (fill in your birth date to find out whether this situation affects you personally)

The end of February and spring will be better – here is love, and many opportunities. People will have a strong yearning for changes and something a little new. The Fire signs – Aries, Leos, Sagittarians – will display an especially nervous excitement! Part of everybody’s rainbow plans and hopes, of course, will be dashed in the middle of March, close to the eclipse of the 20th. However, in April many will again be overcome by a thirst for intense activity.

In June, after the 11th, the fortunate ones will be visited by Lady Luck! (fill in your birth date to find out whether this situation affects you personally) The frightening thing here is that it really is her! It’s time to expand your horizons – go off travelling, move to a new house, city or country, begin studying something or, on the contrary, make a successful end to something – in a word, by being inspired to do something, you can change your life for the better. The second half of June also promises a love to be remembered – a vivid holiday romance, with sex under the stars or in the pool of a luxury hotel room! (fill in your birth date to find out whether this situation affects you personally) Those who follow celebrities will be delighted by the love affairs of their idols or a high-profile premiere. Leos will enjoy a true carnival; Aries will find adventure for themselves; Sagittarians and Gemini will simply make use of a convenient opportunity on a business trip or other journey, so they cannot be allowed to go anywhere alone – those they meet far from home will easily seduce them!

The end of July and early August will pass under the motto of “you snooze, you lose”. Are you intending to relax? You may not be given a holiday or days off, or some kind of political upheaval may take place in the country you’re planning to visit. Be on the lookout! (fill in your birth date to find out whether this situation affects you personally)

August is scary because old lovers or feelings may return to you (fill in your birth date to find out whether this situation affects you personally), while vivid new feelings will vanish like smoke, along with summer or the end of a holiday. If you are bored, it’s worth reminding an old love or a former colleague about you after the 20th of August.

Without a doubt, the scariest of all is the financial crisis, and even worse, the fact that it will be in autumn, though everything will have already begun to deteriorate by the end of summer. Therefore in August and September it is better for Virgos, Pisces, Sagittarians and Gemini to escape to their country house or visit Grandma in the village, in order to stash away – or better conceal - your gold and valuables, or perhaps, on the contrary, to dig up a long-hidden family hoard (fill in your birth date to find out whether this situation affects you personally). Taureans, Capricorns, Scorpios and Cancerians are capable of capitalising on the financial turmoil of September, though Cancerians will make a pretence of sympathising with the victims.

The second half of September and the beginning of October look to be extremely questionable. During this period you will encounter deception, and mistakes in contracts, and it will be impossible to come to agreement with partners, both in love and work. In the period of the eclipse of September 28 almost everybody will get into quarrels, and Libras risk ending up guilty of everything. If you have concerns about the honesty and faithfulness of your partner or business associates, check them by entering their date of birth instead of yours – if this situation concerns/affects a person, he/she is unreliable (fill in your birth date to find out whether this situation affects you personally).

Avoid contact with Libras in October and November, they will deceive or betray you! Even if there are no Libras around you, your other half may cheat on you with Libras. Aries’ suspicions will grow, and they should remember that if something seems suspect, then it probably is! The most interesting thing is that in fact the most active lovers in October and November will be the chaste Virgos and secretive Pisces, whom nobody suspects of anything!

October alarms with its abundance of plans and business activities. Virgos, Taureans, Capricorns and Scorpios are highly enterprising and dogged, and can make a lot of money during this period! The most important thing is to pay your taxes on time, otherwise you’ll end up in court. The autumn’s principal occupation appears to be arguing and bickering a lot, and for any reason.

For winter it’s worth stocking up on provisions, not participating in demonstrations and generally not leaving home until New Year (fill in your birth date to find out whether this situation affects you personally). The newspaper and the internet will be full of frightening news or stories specially chosen to zombify the population more effectively; it’s also better not to watch television! What can you do in December then, sitting at home and not watching television? Secretly prepare resistance and sabotage everything that appears suspicious, strengthening your will with fasts and training, in order to be in good shape in 2016.

Stargazer Ram 2015 for iPhone/iPad/iPod at App Store
Stargazer Ram 2015 for Android at Google Play
Soon! Stargazer Ram 2015 at Windows Phone Store
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