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Creative Celebration of the Chinese New Year

Preparing for the Chinese New Year I decided to make walnuts with predictions – I wrote short texts and painted the walnuts in different bright colors – orange, blue, green and pink. I put the predictions into the walnuts and then laid out the nuts into the multicolored bags also filled with the liqueur chocolates. My friends were really happy when drawing the walnuts from the bags and reading the predictions which got right to the point!

After that I needed 108 tangerines and therefore we brought a big bag of that fruit from a store! I made a special slide in front of the doorstep to my apartment and divided the tangerines into handfuls. One by one I rolled the tangerines into the hall. When rolling each tangerine, I was to make a wish! The main thing is to start, and 108 wishes come up to your mind quickly! :)

Little by little all the hall was filled up with the tangerines which were everywhere: they lay on the floor, near the doorstep, next to the shoe cupboard and were reflected in the mirror. So much orange color, so many tangerines and much more luck!!!

Then I washed the tangerines, put them in the appropriate areas of the flat and hung my painting of the Wooden Ram. To activate the required parts of the apartment I lit six and nine candles in the northern and south-western areas of my home.

Now I am waiting for HAPPY EVENTS! All I need to do is to eat all the tangerines!

P.S. You can make all the things mentioned above during 10 days after the new moon that started on February, 19, 2015.

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